HTC Sensation in Light

New theme for HTC Sensation and I’m still keeping up with my Flickr one-picture-a-day.

Posted by ทิโมธี on August 4, 2011

Video of my Archos 101 Internet Tablet hooked up to my Sony 42″ HDTV. Running Android 2.1-update1, launcherpro and some other theme modifcations.

Posted by ทิโมธี on November 17, 2010

I have changed the blog to give me some space to separate the new Android goodies, the Thai language tips and my blog. This should keep me interested for a few weeks.

So with that, I have nothing else good to say, but I am theme-ing my phone routinely. It’s an HTC Desire Bravo GSM running CyanogenMod 6.0.2. Have a look and feel free to download my work.

HTC Desire Themes
Posted by ทิโมธี on October 21, 2010