Google will get you to a dozen well rounded thai language resources, I’ve collected a few that are crucial to me everyday. I tend to stay away from certain sites which give you nothing but formal words or phonetics that do not include tone marks. I also tend to stay away from sites that have learning chapters like “Buying fruit” or ” Go Shopping”. They are a dime a dozen and google will see you through. These are excellent ways to learn for sure, but you need a Thai teacher to teach you how to “go shopping”. PDF and/or MP3 exercises can be draining and offer little entertainment value. If the internet has taught me anything, it’s “I need something more, something better”. So, if there is anything worth linking off to, it’s the YouTube links, enjoy them, I would.

Thai Language Dictionary: The Internet’s best online thai language dictionary. Translate Thai<->English, lookup thai words using phonetics (brilliant!) and full sentence translation.

Thai2English Online: Another excellent translation tool. Has a downloaded version, but unfortunately it’s Windows only, so I cannot comment. But if he had a Mac version, I’d have long bought it because I use this site daily.

Women Learning Thai: I’m a guy so I have absolutely no idea what is going on over at this site, but check it out. There is so much worth reading, it’s almost overwhelming.

Learn Thai from a White Guy: Excellent listening exercises. Whiteside is nice enough to give us a video of normal, everyday speaking with full Thai transcript. If you cannot read Thai, just use one of the sites I’ve listed above and translate yourself.

You tube links!

  • Aanon2550: This chap was nice enough to translate a Thai sitcom that is not only entertaining, but great for watching over and over again for it’s educational purposes in “street Thai”. This link is to Part 1. There are 4 parts in total.
  • Regarding the tone marks: If your Firefox or Safari browser is showing you strange characters, particularly a black diamond question mark, try the following: In Firefox, change the Character Encoding under the Menu -> View -> Character Encoding from Unicode to Western ISO-8859-1 if you’re reading Western European language based web pages. In Safari, change the Text Encoding under the View -> Text Encoding -> Western (ISO Latin).

    Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you have.