Why do we need another web site to help people learn the Thai language? Well, I felt that there is a lack of Thai language sites that just give a simple list of good phrases and words. There are so many ways to say something and what you hear in school can be different from what you’ll hear from a discussion between your neighbors. What you hear on the News is quite different than what you hear from the Thai soap operas. I thought I’d just start and collect all of my scribble notes from school and make a digital copy and figured, why not just put them up on the web.

I started by writing down words and phrases that I had heard either on TV or in a song or overheard someone say, but it can be hard to find a proper definition for “local” banter. I would bring my notebook into my teacher for definition and translation. It’s a great way to encourage listening exercises outside of the classroom. The Thai language is absolutely ridiculous and purposefully difficult, so anything to keep you interested can go a long way. Hope this helps anyone who is just starting to learn the thai language and is interested in learning some bonus phrases and words.

Disclaimer: If you’re not already taking lessons from a teacher, and you are looking for the usual budget phrases and words like “hello” or “i love you”, have a look at the Online Resources tab above. There are already enough sites out there that give out the standard words and phrases.